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what is imRAW?


imRAW is a brand started by a couple of life loving young adults that wanted to share their love for health and free spirit with the world...and of coarse our love for coffee!

We brought a caravan...hold that thought!
In early 2017 we brought a caravan, pulled it apart to renovate and ended up with a trailer...NICE ONE!

- Nick is a jack of all trades, he grew up on a farm and has a ton of handyman skills
- Lisa is a graphics artist, turning trash into treasure on the digital spectrum
...this could be the perfect combination. While nick is busy building, Lisa is able to create the brand and handle all things tech...

In-between our busy day jobs, both working 6 days a week, we pulled up our sleeves and started re-building
little did we know the following...

1. Nick is a perfectionist!
2. We both have never built a caravan before
3. How much time and work was actually involved in getting this baby in great shape!

So a few Bunnings visits, YouTube tutorials, and LOTS of time and hard work later we ended up with this...

...a healthfood cafe, built with love to journey around Australia and provide all our friends, family and customers with nutritious and delicious foods and drinks that are dairy-free, refined sugar free, and most of all taste delicious. And not to mention packed with an extensive range of our very own well being supplements to keep you going while we are not around!

Our menu is full of nutrient dense alkalizing foods that cater to all, using some of our own products & supplements.

RAW Superfoods
(N)ice cream
Healthfood supplements...

...on wheels!


follow our journey

Follow our journey and come say Hi.

We will be out and about all over Australia and will keep you posted as to where we are heading via our socials and the "Where the Truck" website

Until then - stay RAWsome